February 14, 2018

Monday was blog day. Our schedule was all over the place in January because of the snow days and vacation time. I know I jotted an idea down of something brilliant to say, but it wasn’t in the section of my planner that said “blog ideas”.

Oops! Now It's Wednesday.

{So} I tried to come up with a quick idea and was like, “Oh, hey!, you just redid the Canvas & Imprint covers to match the new branding...

September 23, 2017


I often remark that I should take my own advice more often. In a previous post I suggested ways to spur writing ideas. Sometimes you simply need a break. The monotony of washing dishes, folding laundry, cooking heck, doing a puzzle or gardening might be exactly how a writer works though a block.

Don’t believe me? Read this…


“I threw my hands up over my head as I paced the kitchen floor, wearin...

April 22, 2016

I started out Monday on overload. My volunteering clashed with my writing and production schedule. Imprint needed file updates to be ready for a Kindle promotion and I owed KDP a copy of Eric for pre-order. Mom's taxi service has me picking up the same child from a different location each evening because the practice field location changes daily. It’s also the week before spring break and two of m...

March 24, 2016

Write. Just keep writing. Forget everything I’m about to say and write. Stumped? Write on something different for a while. This isn’t a race to get finished it’s a marathon.


Read— especially in your genre.


Re-read —especially books that you hate to find out why they didn’t work.


Join Goodreads and build a network. Plus the scanner on the app is the bomb when you are at a bookstore!


Follow traditio...

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