April 30, 2018

May was Eric's book birthday. If you don't have a copy yet make sure that you snag it since the price has been lowered to 99¢.

I re-read these books about every 3 months to make sure that the current project doesn't stray too far from what I'd originally written. There's a rule (and you know how I feel about those) that a story is supposed to open with action to grab your interest. Before you jump...

March 24, 2016

Write. Just keep writing. Forget everything I’m about to say and write. Stumped? Write on something different for a while. This isn’t a race to get finished it’s a marathon.


Read— especially in your genre.


Re-read —especially books that you hate to find out why they didn’t work.


Join Goodreads and build a network. Plus the scanner on the app is the bomb when you are at a bookstore!


Follow traditio...

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