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Start Summer in the Sugar Sun

I found Jennifer Hallock through a Facebook post to a library author fair in MA and sent her a message after realizing she lived in the next town over. We had a few back and forth conversations about the RWA Chapter in New England and how much we both loved the unique little coffee shop in Goffstown. I told MJA about their conference coming up in the spring and he was supportive of the idea that I attend. That was before life happened…The whole let’s-move-to-NC, oh-crap-now-we-own-two-houses, how-do-you-plan-three-birthday-parties-in-April kind of craziness. Oh, and Jenn went to the Philippines, which is much cooler than Raleigh. Or hotter as it may be. Between climate change and steamy romance, I’m not going to argue semantics.

I’d wanted to meet her at some point before we left New Hampshire, but it didn’t happen. :(

In a quieter moment, I downloaded Hallock’s book Hotel Oriente. It was amazing and unique on multiple levels including that this is a historical romance set in the Philippines and the heroine’s disability seems more like an ability. You can read my Goodreads review here. So as I’m loading bags, boxes, and my kindle app before leaving, the last two books I snag for the journey are Under the Sugar Sun and Tempting Hymn.

While remiss that Della—the lead in Hotel Oriente—isn’t part of the story, by the time I finish Sugar Sun I have that desperate need to know more about Allegra. Boom! The next day this is on Jennifer’s Instagram.

…And I totally enter psycho fangirl territory. You know, the one-click kind of nutter that snags an author’s teasers and writes blog posts on them.

I’m still hearing the choir of angels as I finish Tempting Hymn which cemented in my mind Hallock’s ability to explore interracial relationships in the American colonial period with accuracy.

If you like to read historical romance with a flair for teaching you something about a period that only a handful of others have focused on checkout the "Sugar Sun" series. If you’re a writer, Jenn also has great tips that she shares on her website including an insightful recap of RT in Atlanta last month.

Thanks for reading!

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