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Get to know Amanda Siegrist

I’m thrilled to feature Amanda Siegrist. Amanda writes romantic suspense and hosts amazing blog hops for readers to find new authors. Pretty much everything that I've learned about engaging an audience online started out by watching this amazing lady. Her latest novel, "Dangerous Memories", is the 2nd book in the Lucky Town series. It releases Friday, August 10th.

Amanda also happens to have another EPIC author takeover in her reader group on Saturday, August 11th to launch "Dangerous Memories". Be sure to join in!

Author Interview

Q: Do you remember how we “met”? Well, I have to admit I have a terrible memory. Absolutely terrible. Lol But I am going to say we met on Facebook through a mutual author friend, Kristina Beck. And I could be totally wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s where we met. *hangs head down in shame* You’ve been a wonderful person to get know, and I’m happy to call you a friend. You are the sweetest, always willing to help others out. And you have the best teasers (especially video teasers) that I love! If I never told you that, now you know! lol

Author: dream job or never expected to be doing this?

This is a hard question. I wouldn’t necessarily say this was my dream job, but I’ve always enjoyed writing. I have a few stories hidden in my drawer from when I was, like, twelve. (And crazy side note, I wrote them in first person, and I totally write in third now. I’m not really a fan of first person. Haha So I’m confused about that.) I used to work full-time in the court system, and I never once thought of pulling my computer out to write. Then my husband got a new job in another state and we moved. I stayed home with the kids, and eventually needed an outlet, considering when I worked full-time that was my outlet. I had this wild idea to write a story, and when I finally got the nerve to tell my husband, he encouraged me to do it, and here we are! Lol Now it’s my dream job, and I don’t see myself going back into the field I once worked in.

What drew you to romantic suspense?

Eek! I love romantic suspense! Love! I’ve always watched cop shows growing up, and still do, of course. (I miss CSI. *tears run down*) I even majored in criminal justice in college. Most of my jobs were in the criminal justice field, my last one being with the court system. So, I guess it’s just natural I want to also write in that genre. Honestly, for me, it’s easier to write a suspense novel than a contemporary one. With suspense, I have a purpose. I have a crime that I need to solve, and usually a heroine to keep safe. Lol With contemporary, I have to keep the story going with something, but what? Every day life? *chuckles* Suspense is just a lot more fun to write. Plus, I love a hot law enforcement officer. Detective, sheriff, undercover agent…gimme them all! *swoon*

You have an incredible backlist of books, every worry that you’re going to run out of ideas?

Nope! I really don’t worry about this at all. I write flash fiction every Friday, and I have tons of stories just waiting to be written based on all the flashes I have stored on my computer. I’m a pantser, so I could literally take one of those and just start writing. It’s strange to explain, but the story writes itself. I even surprise myself when I’m writing. Like, whoa, I didn’t see that coming. A few times I write something that sounds familiar and have to delete because I already did another version of that “something” in another book. So, I guess I run into that problem sometimes. I don’t want to be too predictable. Of course, you’ll always get a happy ending with my books, and most likely insta-love. What can I say? I love love! *chuckles*

Name one positive thing that you didn’t expect when you decided to publish.

Can I name two? Is that against the rules? Haha My first is the wonderful feeling when a reader reaches out to me to express how much they enjoyed one of my books. I want to touch readers and entertain them with my stories, I just never really expected for them to tell me directly. It’s amazing! It’s the best feeling in the world! Because that’s all I want to do. Make someone happy with my stories. My second is meeting my author best friend, Jane Blythe. She has been my rock for the longest time. It feels like we’ve known each other years, but it’s only going on two years. I always felt sort of “alone” in this big publishing world, but not anymore. It’s really nice to have another person who can understand and share in my joy, worries, concerns, happiness! She’s the best. We all need that kind of person in our lives.

“Dangerous Memories” is part of the Lucky Town series. What’s next?

In the series? Or in general? I’ll answer both, just to be safe. Lol Book 3 in the Lucky Town series will feature Seth, Kat’s younger brother. His love interest will be Callie, who has a small cameo in book 1. Lol That’s about all I know about the story. *laughs* It’ll be interesting to see what I do, because Seth isn’t in law enforcement, neither is Callie, but it’s a romantic suspense series, so I gotta have suspense in there somehow. And in general, I’m working on another story right now, Dark Consequences, that will probably be a lot different than most of my books. A little darker, but not too dark, but full of love, of course. It’s an intense story. I have no release date, but it’ll be released next. Unless Christmas comes first, then Christmas Wish is releasing next! Haha It’s already up for preorder on most retailers to be released December 1, 2018. And I will totally have a Christmas novel released every holiday season on December 1. I love Christmas!

Plug it, girl! What do you think readers are going to love best about this book?

Eek! I’m terrible at plugging my own books. I always get awkward! Haha Hmmm…well, I hope they love Danny and Kat’s relationship the best, if that makes sense. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship at first. Lots of sexual tension! They love to get on each other’s nerves. When they verbally spar, the sparks fly. I think that’s what I love best about it. They were super fun to write in that sense. Kat’s a strong woman, with a firm stance on what she believes and has no issue speaking her mind. Danny doesn’t negotiate on much. It’s his way or no way. But it’s all done with the other person in mind. He just wants to keep her safe…and his sister, of course. He’ll do anything for the people he cares about, even if they end up hating him.

If you had to buy Danny or Kat birthday gift what would you get?

Together? Because I think a joint present would be awesome. They both could use a vacation. A break from everything. From the stress of life in general. Danny, since he almost joined the FBI, raised his sister after their parents died. Then she went missing and his life changed drastically once again. He doesn’t have fun, or smile much. Kat, on the other hand, likes to have fun, but she’s always helping others. She never focuses on herself. So I think a nice vacation away from everything and everyone would be perfect for them.

What’s your favorite Social Media?

Well, I try to be pretty active on all of them. I would say I’m most active on Facebook, especially in my group, Love & Happy Endings. But my favorite…I actually really like Instagram. I don’t post enough fun pictures like I would like to do, but I love taking pictures. It’s so much fun. I actually take a lot of pictures, like if I see something cool outside, I just don’t post half of them. Lol I really don’t have a favorite, per se, I enjoy utilizing all of them.

Mama Question! Were you ready for a boy after having two daughters?

I was! Lol We didn’t plan on three kids, but after we moved and I became a stay at home mom, we talked about trying one more time for a boy. We were lucky and got him! He’s been a blessing, and our family is complete. I’m good with three. *laughs*

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me! This was a blast! I had so much fun answering these questions.

Has a new evil arrived, or an old terror returned? Agent Danny O’Rourke only wants one thing. His sister, Aubrey, to come home. He couldn’t save her from being taken, but the least he can do is help her through her turmoil. Except one thing is standing in his way—the Caldwell family. He wants to hate Kat Caldwell the most, but no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t hate her. He wants her. So badly. When he starts connecting the dots in his latest murder case, all pointing to Kat as the next victim, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He won’t fail her like he failed his sister. The closer he gets to the truth, the more he realizes he might be all wrong in his assumptions. He already lost his heart to her, but he won’t lose her to a killer.

Amazon ➸ http://mybook.to/DangerousMemories Nook ➸ http://bit.ly/2x6pJ3s Kobo ➸ http://bit.ly/2IAhxxN iBooks ➸ https://apple.co/2LoxdSS Google Play ➸ http://bit.ly/2KVK0v0

♡ Add it to your TBR ➸ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40280950-dangerous-memories

The entire Lucky Town Novel series: (Each book can be read as a standalone.) ♡ Escaping Memories: Logan & Aubrey https://Books2read.com/EscapingMemories ♡ Dangerous Memories: Danny & Kat...coming August 10, 2018

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