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An Author's Social Media roadmap: Instagram

Let’s start here because I’m not sure how much work I want this to turn into since my main focus should be writing a book. I do know that I wish someone had given me a set of driving directions when it came to building a platform. {So} if you've ever felt like you've been given the destination, but your GPS won't load the turns or you don't know if you should take the highway or surface streets maybe it'll cut

your drive time. This quick video is geared toward authors, but I know a few others who are trying to build branding. I don’t claim to know it all. What I’m doing works for me & my brand as of, uh, yesterday. (There are always new tweaks that I’m working on.)

Here are a few points to consider (that I don’t want to turn into paragraphs):

  • I do nothing unless it brings me #joy. Life is too short. If you’re trudging through an activity then your "blah" is going to show. See above: no joy in making these more than bullet points. Maybe some other day.

  • This is the blog post for authors about the #1 way to ruin your branding.

  • Social media is about connecting, not selling.

  • Which brings me to—even selling, your target audience is not one-dimensional. Readers enjoy other activities!

  • Sign up for If This Then That: Seat up the Instagram to Twitter pairing. You'll want it later!

  • I have my Instagram linked to my Facebook PERSONAL profile, not my Author/Business Page. I get more interaction on Facebook in terms of likes/comments and engaging conversations.

REMEMBER: Everyone has their own personal goals whether it be for their manuscript, in business, their private life or for their social media growth.

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