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I take notice when the same names start popping up on Facebook banners for the author takeovers I participate in. This is how I encountered J. Saman. She’s been a part of about half of the parties hosted by my friends and I’ve been on the invite list to many more. We all go out of our way to support one another, so when I had a September blog opening that aligned with the release of her latest novel I had to ask her to guest spot here. J. Saman writes contemporary romance and loves second-chances and love triangles. “Touching Sin” comes out on September 20th. P.s. Make sure you join in the fun at BestSellers & BestStellars PARTY ROOM on Friday, September 21st!

Author Interview

Q: You’re a nurse. How do you juggle work, family, and writing? That's sorta an easy one, believe it or not. I work as a nurse practitioner per diem (as needed). Or more likely, when I want. I'm fortunate enough that I'm mostly home with my girls. I do urgent care and I only do that about once or twice a month, just enough to keep myself active. Writing is a different story. That can be a consuming thing and managing that with three small girls is a big challenge. I tend to write a lot when my baby is in pre-school for a few hours in the morning and late at night after they've gone to bed. My husband is pretty great and will often take them and do things with them so I have time to get things done. Q: Have any of your patients inspired the way a character looks or their personality? Not a specific patient necessarily, but certainly situations. I've written plenty of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and even midwives as characters. I love writing about that dynamic and since it's what I know, I bring a reality to it that many authors can't. That said, I've definitely written about patient situations I've been in, particularly in Forward, Beautiful Potential and Start Again. Q: Name one positive thing that you didn’t expect when you decided to publish. Fans, lol. I did not expect when I first decided to publish Forward that people would like it and want me to write other books. That one especially came about after I wrote Start Again and people specifically asked me for Luke's (he's a side character in Start Again) story. It was incredible and probably the most satisfying and rewarding thing about publishing. I also didn't expect to love it as much as I do. There are times when I think I should pull back or stop and then I realize that writing a passion. That I can't give it up. Q: What influenced your decision to give preorder proceeds of Touching Sin to No more - a domestic and sexual assault charity? This book was a compilation of three stories I wrote. I just couldn't get the others to come together, but I've been working on in one way or another for years. And I wanted to tell a story about a woman running from an abusive man and the lengths she was forced to go to in order to feel safe. Having never been a victim of domestic violence myself, I did a lot of research into that and found there aren't too many options for women and families who are forced to live through that on a daily basis. Often times, these are people we encounter every day and have no clue what their home situation is actually like. I don't know. I'm a mother of three girls and the thought of them ever living through that sort of daily fear without hope breaks me. So I figured, if I could raise some awareness, get people involved and bring this beyond the pages to impact some real-life good, I should. It honestly became a no-brainer for me at that point. Q: What’s the most desperate thing you can recall doing? The most desperate thing I can remember doing? Hmmm... That could go so many ways, lol. I've never been in a situation like Mia (the heroine in Touching Sin). That woman knows from desperation. But I will say that once when I was in college, I was up visiting a friend at a different school and got stuck at a party in the middle of nowhere. I was a little drunk and I was alone and found myself suddenly with three men I didn't know who were very drunk and interested. This was back when cell phone service wasn't as easy to come by as it is now. I ended up running off into the woods alone and walked for a few hours until I was able to get cell service and call for help. Not a happy memory, but one that turned out a lot better than it could have.

Q: Plug it, girl! What do you think readers are going to love best about this book? Jake and Mia. And Maddox, lol. But Jake and Mia have this connection with each other. This incredible chemistry. It sizzles off the page. They're sexy and interesting and both have these incredible pasts and secrets they're trying to navigate through. I also think readers will enjoy the setting of Las Vegas, because who doesn't, right? But really, I write characters. I write people who come to life and feel like people you know. Mia is strong. She takes these amazing steps to get herself free of her past. Steps that many of us might not even be able to imagine. But while she's this strong woman, she doesn't necessarily feel that way. She feels broken down and weak and Jake (and Maddox) help her to grow. Jake is also one of the best heroes I've written. He's just so... God, he's perfect. Q: What’s your favorite social media (FB, Twit, IG, Pinterest, etc…) I tend to be on FB a lot, but I really love Instagram. I love looking at pics and absolutely LOVE bookstagrams. If I were visually creative, I would totally be all over that. Q: Mama Question! If you could show your daughters one thing in or about the world what would it be? That's a fantastic question. I think one thing I would love to show my girls is that even in the midsts of tragedy and ugliness, there is still love and beauty in this world. That even when things feel hopeless and lost, they're not. And unfortunately, sometimes it takes some of that ugliness for the goodness in others to come out.

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