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I’ve been anticipating Amie Knight’s the Stars Duet since fall began. She was kind enough to send me advanced copies of both. I binge read the books in a sitting and they won’t disappoint! Beneath His Stars released on November 3rd and In Her Space launches on Thursday, November 15th.

Author Interview

Do you remember how we “met”? A little. We were author friends on Facebook but didn't really interact much. Then you tagged me on a local page in our small town that we just so happen to both live in. A reader was looking for some good romance. And you recommended me. That was really sweet and stuck with me. <3 You're good peeps, Jody Kaye!

{Awe. Thanks, Amie!} Author: dream job or never expected to be doing this? Dream job. I've always loved to write. I've always leaned toward the creative side of things. Writing, music, art. But this right here. It's amazing. It's a surprise that I get to work from home full time and help support my family and still be mom. Because, honestly, being a stay at home mom was my first dream job. This was my second. Thankfully, my family is behind me one hundred percent. Name one positive thing that you didn’t expect when you decided to publish. The friends I'd make and the undying support of the indie author community. I have a whole slew of best friends I've never met and some of them I never will. But they love me and I love them and we support each other's dreams through thick and thin. This business is no easy thing. I thank God for my author friends. What went into the decision to create a duet? Initially, this was only going to be one book; Beneath His Stars, but the more I thought on it, (I think a lot before I actually write) I knew it would have to be two. Adam and Liv's story is long and spans many years but I knew the first half of their story would be vastly different than the second half. So while, Beneath His Stars is more of the New Adult genre, In Her Space is definitely more contemporary. So, it just made sense to have them be two different books. You’re sassy, southern, and have a love of makeup. Paint us a picture of what your MC is wearing to a debutante ball. Well my main character in Beneath His Stars wears something a little more understated than I would pick. Her dress is big, pink and ostentatious but I'd have done her face up a bit more for my taste. But that wasn't Livingston. I personally like a little more sparkle and highlight in my look than she would wear. And brows! I love doing my brows. Haha.

Plug it, girl! What do you think readers are going to love best about these books? Adam. Hands down. He's a bad boy, but a nerd. He's hot but totally shy. He's reckless in a lot of ways but so damn thoughtful he makes you swoon. I adore him. I think he is going to sweep readers right off of their feet. Is Adam your favorite hero so far? So, it's a sickness I have. Whoever I am writing is always my favorite, so yes, Adam is definitely my favorite right now. Also, I spent so much time with him. Almost 120k words. So he feels like family to me. I love the kid. What’s your favorite social media (FB, Twit, IG, Pinterest, etc…) Facebook by far. I am just now learning how to work IG and honestly Twitter still mystifies me. Haha Mama Question! Explain Track Out and what you do not only for fun with your kiddos, but also to say on schedule with your writing goals. Okay, so here in the part of North Carolina I live in we have year round school. Which essentially means that every two to three months we get a break. The schools here are overfull, so to help with that they have split us into four tracks. And there is always a track on break at any given time to keep crowding down in the school. My kiddos are on track four, which means we break in October, January, April, and July. Those breaks are from three weeks to five depending on the time of year. Honestly, I love year round. In October we go to Disney and the heat isn't horrible and its not as crowded. In January we are usually still playing with our toys from Christmas. And most of the time the rest of the track outs, we travel since we don't have family close by. My husbands job is based in Washington DC. He goes there a week and a half a month and works from home the rest of the time, but if we are tracked out, we sometimes join him in DC for a month. So, we really take advantage of all of the breaks. As far as my writing schedule, I try to be finishing up a book every time they track out. Usually if I type the end right before track out then I can spend time doing fun things with them during the day and editing and marketing at night. Sometimes that doesn't happen and I have to push back dates. Or work extra hard at night. but I am a mom first. Always.

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