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What can I else can I say other than having married a guy I met at work, I'm a sucker for office romances. Pretty Little Mess by Carmel Rhodes caught my eye a few weeks before it's release and I binged that baby in a hot minute. It did not disappoint!

Author Interview

Q: Author: dream job or never expected to be doing this?

Writing was always my dream, but writing fiction is something I’d only discovered in the past 6 years or so.I went to school for journalism and like many girls in my age range, I wanted to move to New York and become Carrie Bradshaw or Khadijah James. Then I grew up and realized New York is expensive as fuck and print journalism was a dying art. I toyed with blogging for a few years, then stumbled upon fanfiction and then self-publishing and here we are.

Q: Name one positive thing you didn’t expect when you decided to publish.

Finding my tribe. I have always been active online on different message boards and forums, but I never understood how people made genuine friendships with strangers until I started writing. There are plenty of assholes out there sure, but I’ve found that an overwhelming majority of the people I’ve “met” just want to write their books and sell them and help other people be able to do the same. It’s refreshing to see all the love and support and encouragement.

Q: If you had to add a chapter to one of your books which would it be and what would the scene be about?

I have series of steamy short stories that center around a kinky couple, Sebastian and Natalie. They are married and face the same struggles as any other married couple face, but they tend to communicate best through sex. They’re over the top while still being repeatable. I’m always adding chapters to their story.

Q: What is more fun writing a series or a standalone?

This is a hard one. I love the ease of standalones because you don’t have to worry about seeding things and continuity. It can just be this awesome thing that exists and when you’re done, you’re done. Writing a series is nice because you really get a chance to know and understand the characters. You fall in love with them and you live with them for so long they become like family. And it’s much easier to write a character you’ve known for a year rather than this new person who you aren’t really sure how they’ll respond and act.

Q: Plug it, girl! What do you think reader love best about Pretty Little Mess?

I think the ease of the book is what people love best. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s just a fun and over the top story between two people who are as different as night and day, but someone manage to find love in each other. Real, enduring love.

Q: Do think Max and Ellie will get a cameo in another book?

*fingers crossed* I started working on Erin’s (Ellie’s twin sister) book. I made it like five chapters in before an epic case of writer's block derailed me. I stepped away to rediscover my muse and unfortunately that took me in another direction—new story, new characters. The “Hot Little Mess” file is just hanging out on my desktop for now, but I hope to finish it eventually.

Q: What’s your favorite social media (FB, Twit, IG, Pinterest, etc…)

Instagram, hands down. I love it over there. Most of my readers follow me on Facebook so it’s where I spend a majority of my time, but Instagram is my fave. my favorite

Q: Momma Question! Any funny mom-of-a-boy stories to share that may work into the plot one of your novels?

There's a scene in Lithium Oasis where Javi, the hero, is talking to his niece about bees, and how she shouldn’t be afraid of them because she’s much bigger. The whole speech he gives her is directly ripped from what my husband tells my son every time he runs from insects only my husband also likes to add, because mommy won’t catch the bugs you you’re gonna have to do it when Daddy’s at work. It’s a really cute and also I AM deathly afraid of bugs and too old and too stubborn to change my ways so he’s working on the next generation!

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