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Life the fast lane with Harlow Layne

I spent the weekend stalking Harlow Layne at InkersCon 2019. Her blue hair is as vibrant as the covers she designs for her novels, making Harlow easy to spy on Instagram.

"Unsteady in Love" comes out on Friday, May 10th. Pre-order your copy today!

Author Interview

Q: Author: dream job or never expected to be doing this?

I never expected to be an author. EVER! Q: Name one positive thing that you didn’t expect when you decided to publish.

I didn't expect the friendships. I love my tribe of girls and how they are there for me good and bad. Q: You’re one of the super talented writers who also creates their own covers, teasers, and video trailers. Did you learn design out of necessity or was it a skill you had prior to becoming an author?

I don't don't my videos that's the incredibly talented Becca Manuel with Becca the Bibliophile. I learned how to make them when I wrote fanfiction. I made banners for other writer's stories in the fandom (True Blood and SVM) and my own. Everything I know is from YouTube. I'd love to learn to make videos but I don't have the time or the patience. Q: You just re-lauched the covers for several books. Tell everyone what kind of work is involved in creating a cover and why you chose to do this.

It's a lot of work. Most of the work is scouring stock photo sites for the perfect pictures. I have a difficult time finding couples that I like so I skipped that for the end and did the backgrounds first. The rest is trial and error on what works and doesn't work. For me either the cover happens quickly, or it takes forever. I've been working on Kiss Me's cover for forever. I normally make my covers while I'm writing the book. I like the inspiration. I not only did new covers for Hollywood Redemption and Hollywood Fairytale, but I redid the covers for Unsteady in Love and Kiss Me to match the theme of the series. I can't wait to reveal them. The reason I did it is simple, my books weren't selling as well as I wanted them to and multiple people commented that they thought my books looked more like suspense than romance.

Q: “Unsteady in Love” comes out on May 10th. Do you have a one that got away?

For a long time I did think I had one that got away, but after talking again years ago, I realized I did the right thing in breaking up with him. He's a great guy, but we wouldn't have stayed together in the long run. Q: Plug it, girl! What do you think readers are going to love best about this book?

Unsteady in Love is so different from anything I've ever wrote. I don't do angst well and from reviews its pretty angsty. I think UIL has something for everyone. It's a second chance, military, marriage of convenience, long distance, insta-love romance. That's a lot of tropes right there. lol Q: Which one of the Fairlane fellows is your personal alpha?

That's a hard one as you probably know, but I'd have to say Luke. He is what drove me to write a book and all the ones who followed by not getting out of my head. Q: What’s your favorite social media (FB, Twit, IG, Pinterest, etc…)

FB I spend way too much time on social media. It's my go-to distraction. Q: Mama Question! What’s it like getting you first child ready for college and/or to fly the nest?

My oldest is already in college but lives at home. It's my baby who's leaving and I'm not prepared for how that's going to affect me. I already get emotional about it. Recently we spent the day there and it made me feel better about him going, but it's going to be incredibly hard. I plan to cry a LOT and spend every moment I can with him this summer.

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GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44323271-unsteady-in-love


US: https://amzn.to/2Us8v7l UK: https://amzn.to/2V6eFOT CA: https://amzn.to/2V8jlDF AU: https://amzn.to/2XpbwqY Only available at the following retailers until May 10: B&N: http://bit.ly/2Xowru6 Kobo: http://bit.ly/2UJlPJz Apple Books: https://apple.co/2UugWPf


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