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NEW! Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Collection

“Powerful journeys of courage, power and hope that needed to be told. The Shattered Hearts of Carolina Collection finds beauty in the heartache of life and inspiration in the most unlikely of places. An unforgettable trio of women that touch the heart in the most uplifting of ways.” —Goodreads Review

Shattered Hearts of Carolina Series Romance Collection

Just in time for the holidays, I have a treat for all of you who love paperbacks!

The first three Shattered Hearts of Carolina are now available as a collection… And the while the ebook version features the sexy new covers, the paperback has its own gorgeous alternate cover.

I have to tell you that I fought the idea of putting a flower on the cover of my books.


If anyone should embrace this trend, it should be the writer who talks a blue streak in her newsletter about gardening and landscaping!! Right?

But now that you've seen the alternate cover for the Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Series Collection, I hope you’re imagining exactly what I did—that flower falling to the floor at Sweet Caroline’s and the stage lights reflecting off the petals.

How crazy was I to fight this?

What’s included in the book:

Paperback available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon!



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