Every woman I get involved with proves that it’s better to live without loving anyone. I learned a long time ago that my mother was out to destroy my father using the best weapon she had: me. So keeping the people that I can’t help care about at arm's length is safer for everyone. As much as I'd like to change this it’s not worthwhile. When I show back up in Rollinsford, my crazy stepsister’s new best friend shows me everything I could have. Or rather, everything I have yet to lose. You know what sucks the worst? We’d be perfect together if either us could get past our broken hearts.


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I shouldn't have kissed Lindsey the morning after her husband died...

I thought that letting Lindsey walk away would keep her safe from the unhappiness in his life. Now Jason, the man I let her leave me for, is dead and Lindsey is back in Rollinsford. WhileI still can’t have Lindsey maybe I can help her.

I shouldn't have let Mitch think that kiss was about us...

All I wanted in that moment was my husband back. The guilt of betraying Jason’s memory is killing me and letting Mitch take the blame for that kiss was wrong. To make matters worse, he’s pulling the friend card. I can see us slipping back into the rhythm of our lives when we were young. But Mitch still battles his long-standing demons and plans to leave Rollinsford with his fiancée after their wedding. That’s fine. He’s pushed me away before. Although, I’m not sure what to do if he hurts my daughter in the process?

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