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Our Story

Ross Cavanaugh along with his son-in-law, Cris Sanchez, began experimenting with grapes at the Kingsbrier Ranch in 2004. Settling on an East Texas favorite—the Blanc du Bois—perfect for the soil near Taysha Creek, the wine was blended with fruit from trees on the property. The results were extraordinary! So when a hurricane wiped out a majority of the vines, it made perfect sense to replant our acreage with the hardy muscadine, fulfilling our love of sweet fruit wines.

Mixing grapes can bring out the best flavors of each type of grape. Our remaining acres of Blanc du Bois are harvested each season and blended with muscadine varieties to create award-winning table wines and our ever popular Kingsbrier Reserve Peach.


For a true southern experience, try pairing Kingsbrier Wines with smoked spicy pork, brisket, or spicy grilled sausage. Or better yet, visit us during harvest when the chefs at our banquet hall will serve the meal for you! While you are here, take a winery tour to see how our handcrafted wines are aged, blended, and bottled in-house. Then join us in the tasting room to sample what we’re sure will become some of your favorite wines… And if you’re too tired to drive home, we’re pleased to announce the grand opening of our Bed & Breakfast at Kingsbrier’s grand Tudor mansion.

Read on to learn more about our family's history and continue your winery tour...


A Small Town Sheriff saves his friend’s daughter from drowning. Now he’s treading water, unable to admit she’s the one he’s been waiting for.


I was doing my job when I rescued Gracyn. But I should have known better than to bring her back to my cabin. Kingsbrier's princess has a reputation for getting whatever she wants. I’d never considered she’d be interested in someone as old as her father. I wasn’t attracted to anyone so young until that night. Now I’m in bed with the devil, trying to keep my buddies from finding out that she’s everything I ever wanted.



Joe was another one of my parent’s friends not worth paying attention to until he saves me from myself. It was only supposed to be one sinful night. Now, I temp fate each time I go back for more. I’ve fallen for a much older man and we’re treading in gray waters. To keep him I’ll have to come clean to my family. But does friendship eclipse love?


Kingsbrier Vineyards Wine Pairing:

Kingsbrier Reserve Peach

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