December 3, 2019

Welcome back to #kingsbrier. Gray Sin Releases January 9, 2020...


I was doing my job when I rescued Gracyn. But I should have known better than to bring her back to my cabin. She has a reputation for getting whatever she wants. I’d never considered she’d be interested in someone as old as her father. I wasn’t attracted to anyone so young until that night. Now I’m in bed with the devil, tryin...

July 11, 2019

Over at Quintessential we've been talking a lot about reviews. So what's a writer to do? Uh... Make their own list of ideas to help readers, of course!

June 24, 2019

I need to say something at the risk of being throat punched or blackballed or…Well, whatever.

Writers spend an awful lot of time not writing. There’s a HUGE business component to publishing a book and getting it in the hands of readers.

One of the things that I’d put aside to do once my 2019 launches were over was to take a look at my newsletter subscribers.

**Let’s pause to acknowledge that ev...

June 6, 2019

I spent years in the military molding myself into someone better. After the accident, entire parts of my life missing. Memories, my career, my leg… My one and only best friend who has run off and gotten married. Didn’t she know I was in love with her?

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