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Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Series Collection

Splinter of Hope, Shred of Decency, Sliver of Truth

Three heartbreakingly honest and angsty love stories in one romance collection...

A birthday gift leads to a life-changing confession, an assault survivor finds comfort in the arms of a surprising friend, and a single dad proves to a stripper there’s more to falling in love than meets the eye.

Jody Kaye, the creator of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets, presents the Shattered Hearts of Carolina Romance Series Collection, a steamy southern romance series set in the heart of North Carolina. From adoption, addiction, and assault to disability bias, these emotionally charged novels follow how the impact of a single event can shatter a life.


The thought-provoking journeys of strong heroines and obsessive antiheroes are told in the relatable, captivating style readers have come to adore. And the depth of dimensional characters live up to the expectations set in her previous small town romance books.


With strength and determination to overcome the odds, be prepared for the Mill Girls’ love stories to tear at your heartstrings and their friendships to weave their way into your soul!

**Bonus Chapters included!


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