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Shattered Hearts of Carolina—The Hope Collection

Splinter of Hope, Holding Onto Hope, 

Kimber and Trig’s swoon-worthy romances bundled into one highly addictive collection of love stories…


A birthday gift leads to a life-changing confession, and infertility tests the strength of a marriage.

Jody Kaye, the creator of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets, presents the Shattered Hearts of Carolina Series Hope Collection, two steamy southern romance short stories set in the heart of North Carolina. This emotionally-charged romance pairing features the thought-provoking journey of a strong heroine and the wounded warrior who loves her.


With strength and determination to overcome the odds, be prepared for a ton of angst and a whole lot of steam as the Mill Girls’ love stories tear at your heartstrings and their friendships to weave their way into your soul!


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