Coming Soon! A Small Town Fake Boyfriend Romance


I spend an exorbitant amount of effort making up for my incredibly bad luck.

Don’t believe me? I missed out on vet school by a hare’s breadth, so the next best thing was landing a job at Kingsbrier’s veterinary clinic. Then, my apartment caught fire. If it weren’t for my boss kindly encouraging her son to lease me the other side of his duplex I’d be living in a cardboard box. Though, Mateo Sanchez isn’t thrilled at the number of times I’ve set off the smoke detector.

There’s also the fact that my sister taunted me about my inability to find a date for her lavish wedding—to my ex-boyfriend. Lying that my super-sexy neighbor and I are romantically involved was bound to bite me in the you-know-where, but sometimes being the underdog gets old. The problem is it seems I’ll be making up for that mistake until Mateo and I divorce.



I’d do just about anything for my mother, but her clumsy office manager, Pepper Corbin, is going to be the death of me. I don’t love my new neighbor’s bad cooking skills or the way her ample chest pops out of her top, setting my teeth on edge. I certainly don’t appreciate Pepper telling her family we were dating. Except, getting suckered into attending her heartless sister’s high-seas wedding? That’s my own fault.

After witnessing her family’s brand of cruelty, I flawlessly fake our relationship for Pepper’s sake. Maybe even too well since now that I’ve kissed Pepper, she’s driving me insane in a different way. Yet, the last thing I suspect is that they’d pull one over on her… and we’d wind up married.

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