—Coming in 2021—

I’m an unlovable bastard. At least, that’s what I was led to believe.

To help me get my head screwed on straight, I took on a mentor role with the big brother program. Shallow as it sounds, my reasoning revolved around fixing me. So what any nine-year-old got from having me as a role model wasn’t a priority. Then Bhodi reminds me of everything I lost out on during my childhood.

Unlike the adults in my life, I’d planned on doing right by the kid. And not because of the way his mom, Holly’s, tattoo tempts me peeking out over the top of those signature cut-off shorts and disappears where her shirt covers what her bare midriff doesn’t. Or the way the woman—old enough to be my... older sister—looks at me from under those thick lashes.

After Holly gives me one night, she’s stolen my heart, and I’m set on winning hers over. I’ll do anything to keep them, including chase off Bhodi’s old man, who’s looking for a second chance. And it leaves everyone around us wondering which of us is the real home wrecker.


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