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Sliver of Truth: An Injured Hero Secret Lovers Romance

Shattered Hearts of Carolina Book 3

A stripper. A handyman. An impossible secret.Is it love or lust?

And what happens when a mill girl breaks the cardinal rule?

Men beg to touch my body. Yet, Dusty’s moves against mine with unspeaking eloquence. My heart stammers when we’re alone. I hate that I love the strength of his arms. I love that I hate it too. The feeling keeps me sane because when we’re apart, doubt creeps in.


I’m ashamed to admit my fears about what happens if everyone finds out we’ve been hooking up. Along with the guilt, come the horrible thoughts I shouldn't have about Dusty’s disability. Perhaps those emotions are a sign I’m not a good person and there is a sliver of truth that I don’t deserve a better life.

After all, what would a single dad really want with a woman who took her clothes off to get to where she is?

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