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No heart, no heartbreak.

Brier Cavanaugh ran the night her older brother’s best friend told the other quintuplets that he was in love with her. It should have been all the proof Drew needed she’d use her reckless and wild streak to keep him at bay. No man, no matter how hot or much southern charm he has, would hold Brier back from her dreams. And she wasn’t handing over her trust fund to anyone who thought she was better off barefoot and pregnant.


Call him a hopeless romantic, yet Drew Newhouse still believes he and Brier are meant to be. After all, the feisty blonde is the one who taught him to never back down from a challenge and, this time, Drew's determined on playing for keeps. He knows it will take more than teaming up with Brier’s brothers to convince her to put her heart on the line. However, the last move Drew anticipates is Brier risking her life for love.