No heart, no heartbreak.

I ran the night my older brother’s best friend, Drew Newhouse, told him that he loved me. It should have been all the proof Drew needed I’d use my reckless and wild streak to keep him at bay. No man, no matter how hot or much southern charm he has, will hold me back from my dreams. And I’m not handing over my trust fund to anyone who thinks I’m better off barefoot and pregnant.

Years later, I’m back at Kingsbrier, still fighting against my heart’s desire and confronted by the only man who has never backed down from my challenges.

Drew says we're meant to be, and this time he's playing for keeps. It’s going to take a lot more than teaming up with the other quints for Drew to convince me to put my heart on the line. And the last thing I anticipate is risking my life for love.

A second chance romance for secret childhood sweethearts.

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