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Adam: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 4

The first lie is always the easiest.

On the day she foiled Adam Cavanaugh’s attempt to ask her younger sister to the prom, Temple D’Amico made it clear she thought the Kingsbrier Quintuplets were selfish and entitled.


Years later, Adam is beginning to believe Temple had a point. Maybe not about all of them. Maybe about four of the five of them... Definitely about him. Because the first time Adam lied to his family was before quitting medical school. And keeping the ruse hasn’t gotten easier.


Now, Adam’s past is catching up with him. It’s time to prove to everyone that he’s ready to become a man they can learn to rely on. There’s no one better to teach him than a good woman like Temple. Except the more Adam nurtures a fragile friendship with the enemy, the more enticing the woman whose standards he’ll never reach becomes.


The last thing Adam would have guessed was that Temple’s perfect life was an illusion. When she admits she’s having a hard time keeping her heart out of the equation, too, Adam’s conscience compels him to reveal the truth. But will his deception stop Temple from trusting

anyone ever again?


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