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Cris Sanchez’s life’s ambition evaporated when his wife died. Never expecting to find happiness again, he gave up on everything but his son, and took the job Ross Cavanaugh offered as Kingsbrier’s ranch manager. The last thing Cris considered was handing his battered heart over for anyone else to mend... And then Cris laid eyes on Daveigh, his new boss’s youngest daughter, and fell in love with an eighteen-year-old girl.


Daveigh Cavanaugh rooted Cris while he gave her wings to fly. Somewhere along the way, she grew up and they began building a life together—the kind neither anticipated, but both deserve.


Now, Cris and Daveigh are finally getting married. Though, Daveigh’s mother is the last person anyone thought would stop them from having the wedding day of their dreams.

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