Daveigh has returned to Kingsbrier harboring a secret, but none that cuts as deep as the one Cris has held onto. 

Cris Sanchez prefers to admire Daveigh Cavanaugh from afar. He’s a widower with a young son. She’s the boss’s daughter. The eight years that separate their age—and the exact time that Daveigh has been away for college and veterinary school—should have sealed their fate. Instead, Cris’s dedication to the family business and Daveigh’s love of animals has drawn them close. Now the pair must contend with the impending loss of a confidant they've shared for close to a decade.

After allowing herself time to heal, will Daveigh find strength in their friendship to return to her studies? Or will she settle for half her dreams for the chance to be with the man she’s always loved? After admitting to his responsibility in his wife’s death, can Cris relinquish the past that haunts him? Or will he and Daveigh continue down separate paths?


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