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Daveigh: A Boss's Daughter Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 3

Is love worth losing everything you’ve worked for?

The last thing single dad, Cris Sanchez, considered when he set aside his ambitious music career was handing his shattered heart over to anyone else. Except, nowadays the widower’s claim to fame feels rather cliche– He’s been admiring his boss’s daughter from afar for years


And wouldn’t you know, about the time Cris gets his son to stop asking why his former babysitter can’t be his mother, Daveigh announces she’s coming home from college.


Contending with the impending loss of a confidant they’ve both shared, Daveigh Cavanaugh hasn’t garnered the courage to reveal the real reason she’s returned to Kingsbrier. And she’s

definitely not sharing her sob story with her father’s ranch and vineyard manager. After all, Daveigh once took a bold, albeit drunken, leap by kissing the rugged and handsome older man.


The proof of her naivete? Daveigh still ponders what she’d have given up, if Cris hadn’t pushed her away. The painful lesson was obvious: enduring happiness was meant for the other quintuplets.


But as grief draws them closer, and their friendship intensifies, Doubt creeps in for Cris that raising his child was the only second chance he needed. Can Cris relinquish the past that haunts him before Daveigh leaves the ranch for good, or will the two spend a lifetime denying their deeper feelings?

Cris and Daveigh’s love story is perfect for readers who adore age gap romances between broken heroes with bleeding hearts and their best friend’s little sister.   (PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Themes in this book include death of a spouse, assault, and darker emotional scenarios.)


*Paperback includes bonus content!


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