She's the key to his heart, but the secret she's kept may destroy his soul.

The unexpected conclusion to the Kingsbrier Quintuplets... Colton Cavanaugh spent years in the military molding himself into someone better. After a serious accident, his memories and his leg have vanished—along with his career... And the best friend who owned his heart since they met? She’s run off and eloped. With nothing left to live for, Colton gives up, blocking everyone out.


Tough as nails Keely Adair has just lost the one person she always counted on and her job to boot. Offered a position as Colton’s physical therapist, Keely has little choice other than returning to Kingsbrier, a place she hoped to forget. It’s apparent right away Keely won’t put up with Colton’s nasty attitude. Though, Keely is sure he wishes she used the same regimented tactics on her wild daughter. When Colton puts his foot down about the kid’s out-of-control behavior, the three turn into something more.


A struggling single mom is the last woman the rest of the quintuplets expected to heal a loner’s soul and rebuild their confidence. Except as Keely unlocks Colton’s heart, and they begin building the kind of family both were certain they’d lost out on forever, the secret Keely’s kept from her child may destroy it all.


**This book contains themes that include PTSD and darker emotional scenarios.


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