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Colette: An Instalove Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 5

She knows how to make a man want...


On the runway, Collete Strand appears confident, but a precarious childhood followed by a stalking incident have contributed to her insecurities. Living an organized and private life, away from the prying eyes, keeps Colette’s anxiety at bay and her picture out of the tabloids.


Devon Walsh is all too familiar with Colette’s intricate history long before their chance encounter. The handsome business mogul refuses to accept the emotional disguise the stunning model wears or the lengths she goes to keep her world in order. Devon intends on showing Colette how freeing chaos can be.


Yet as their whirlwind romance progresses, it seems the demons Devon faced in his own past hold him back from truly loving Colette. And when the man she’s opened up to about her fears reveals the darkest places inside of him, Colette can’t help wondering if Devon wants her at all.

**Colette’s story was written by fan request. It is a standalone with events that link Adam and Colton.

Paperback includes bonus content!



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