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Colette: An Instalove Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 5

He called me by the wrong name.


My real name.

The one covered in more layers of secrecy than a lingerie model like me gets away with wearing.

So I’m shaken when Devon Walsh acts like a complete gentleman. After a single evening, we're caught in a whirlwind romance… Or have I unwittingly relinquished control to a bossy billionaire? Trusted Devon to calm my fears. Allowed him to feed my soul, when I should have been more cautious?

Because as the sexy business mogul reveals his crippling past, it leaves me wondering how any man could desire a woman held captive by her anxiety.

Except, it's too late for me.


I fell in love the instant I realized he knew exactly who I was.

Colette is an instalove romance between a heroine striving to overcome an eating disorder and a hero intent on healing from family tragedy. Written by fan request, this steamy slow burn romance is sure to delight fans who adore explosive chemistry. While Colette can be read as a standalone, it also links events in Adam and Colton from the Kingsbrier Quintuplets series.

*Paperback includes bonus content!



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