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How to add approved senders to your Kindle


If you want to add a BookFunnel book to your Kindle or you’ve never received a Direct to Kindle ebook before there are a few quick set up steps.

Log onto Amazon (this is easiest on a desktop).


Click on Accounts & Lists > Manage Your Content & Devices

❶ Find the tab that says “Devices”
Chose where you want the book sent. Click on the device description to get it’s e-mail address. Each device has a unique e-mail address.

❷ Find the tab that says “Preferences”
Click “Personal Document Settings”

Scroll to “Approved Personal Document e-mail List”

Add and save*: “”

*most authors send from a gmail account so this will cover a multitude of books/writers.

Add and save: YOUR e-mail address that your Bookfunnel book was sent to.


Forward your ebook to your KINDLE's unique e-mail address.


Happy Reading!


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