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Eric: A Surprise Baby Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 1


Did you hear the rumor about the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who intentionally got pregnant with her wealthy boyfriend's baby?


It's me. I’m that girl.

Now an entire small town is convinced I intended to sink my claws into whichever of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets would have me, and that I am duping Eric Cavanaugh out of his trust fund.

But what the gossips don’t know is that one slip up happened because I was scared of losing the one thing I’ve counted on since my dad died; Eric’s unconditional love.

The summer after high school, I’m scraping two quarters together to buy diapers and Eric is paying the price with his family. 

To make matters worse, my stepfather actually believes the money Eric will eventually receive is the solution to his problems.

Graduating should have meant we were stepping into the future. But will keeping this baby be what breaks us apart?



Told in a round-robin style by all five of the Kingsbrier Quintuplets, Eric is a surprise pregnancy romance book perfect for new adult and college series readers, who adore coming of age love stories and found family romance. Greeting this wild and unruly set of siblings, expect a dash of secret lovers romance with an older brother’s best friend and a peppering of babysitter romance between the boss’s daughter and the newly hired single dad.


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