Everyone says they're wild. And maybe they are...

But the Kingsbrier Quintuplets are also five teenagers ready to make a mark on the world without anyone taking advantage of their notoriety.


While his brothers and sisters are flying the nest, Eric Cavanaugh is rooted at the Kingsbrier Ranch, eager to learn the ropes at the family construction company. In his girlfriend, Ginny, he’s found the one person outside his siblings he trusts. She has a heart of gold, and Eric’s willing to wait for Ginny to finish college before getting married.


Ginny Adair is uncertain leaving might mean losing the one stable thing in her life—the love she and Eric share. Forced to admit to the lengths she’s gone, will Ginny’s deceit tear them apart or be the stepping stone on a new path they never imagined?


A story of finding your true love young and having the strength to forgive.