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Eric: A Surprise Baby Romance

The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Book 1


Did you hear the rumor about the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who intentionally got pregnant with her wealthy boyfriend's baby?


The one thing that made perfect sense in Ginny Adair’s eighteen years was falling for level-headed Eric Cavanaugh. Growing up wasn’t exactly the same kind of party for her that it was for her boyfriend. While Eric and the other quintuplets ran roughshod over their family’s Texas ranch, Ginny hid from a cruel stepfather with a compulsive gambling habit.

Uncertain if leaving for college means losing the one person she’s come to count on, all it takes is a single misstep for Ginny to unravel both of their lives. Now the entire small town is convinced Ginny always intended on cashing in on the notoriety of snagging herself a Kingsbrier Quintuplet.

Eric Cavanaugh’s infamously misbehaved siblings count on his dependability. Stable grades. Stable relationship with a girlfriend the rest of the quints agree is the most trustworthy person they know. But when Ginny’s actions prove deceitful, it leaves Eric’s solid plan to take over the family business on shaky ground and leaves him questioning if his brothers and sisters have misplaced their confidence in him.


To make matters worse, Ginny’s stepfather won’t stop until he gets his hands on Eric’s trust fund. While Ginny seems willing to prove she’ll do anything to earn Eric’s forgiveness, a baby is a mistake you can’t take back.

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