Owning up to your mistakes doesn't mean you won’t make more... especially when the right woman is involved.

I saw the anguish in her eyes when we met. Still, I tried ignoring Aidy’s reason for hiding out in Brighton. She wasn’t the only one looking for a fresh start.


The closer we get, the more my existence doesn’t feel so meaningless. I’m taking it slow for both our sakes. There’s no doubt in my mind the first woman I’ve ever fallen for has a future filled with endless possibilities... And a guy like me, who spent time behind bars, hasn’t got much to offer.


When Aidy’s secret is revealed, I can’t help taking it personally. If I had a shred of decency, I’d have let her continue to heal on her own terms. As someone who has already done hard time, what’s one more bad judgment call? Except will Aidy still love me if I play judge and jury to ensure her attacker pays?




This is the first full-length novel in the Shattered Hearts of Carolina series. Don’t forget to read the short story, Splinter of Hope.

**This book contains sensitive scenarios that may trigger readers. Please consider reading reviews or contacting the author if you have questions.