I shouldn’t have kissed Lindsey the morning after her husband died…

Letting Lindsey leave kept her safe from the eventual unhappiness I’d bring to her life. The distance I’d maintained was only broken that one ill-fated day. Now she’s attempting to rebuild and I’m at a loss to reconcile the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. While I still can’t have Lindsey, maybe I can help her.


I shouldn’t have let Mitch think that kiss was about us…

Guilt over betraying my husband’s memory is killing me and letting Mitch take the blame for that kiss was wrong. He’s still battling his long-standing demons and, to make matters worse, we’re slipping back into the reckless pattern of our lives from when we were young. I know he’ll push me away like he’s done before. But I’m not sure how to stop us from hurting my daughter.

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