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The six-pack ab guy

Can I be totally 100% completely honest for a second? It bugs me that I have to do a teaser like this to get face time on social media. Do I read books with six-pack ab guys? Yup. Do I write them? Yup. Am I agreeing to take my kids to see the Marvel movies because Disney is smart enough to understand that showing a shirtless superhero is going to attract a larger audience? This mom is raising her hand.

I get it. Sex sells...and, while I don't know about you, this is pretty tame in comparison to some teasers that are on my feeds.

A continual reminder plays though my head that I am not better than anyone else for refusing to create a raunchy teaser, and I am not less than others for taking the same route that other writers are finding themselves in. We're all trying to get our titles a few extra seconds on your screens.

So, for those readers that need ab he is. "Appreciate his form" as Lindsey said. And for those who recognize that the stories I've released this year get 40,000 words plus before I throw in all the super-hot stuff that relationships are made of, there are teasers that I'll post for you too. In either situation...Thanks for reading!

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