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Goodreads Giveaway—Friends to Lovers Dark Romance!

100 Lucky readers will receive an ebook copy of Shred of Decency --a story with ALL THE FEELS. Don't believe me? Read these reviews!

"Jody Kaye has written a heartbreakingly honest

look at Aidy's recovery from a sexual assault." —BookBub Review "several sensitive topics including addiction, sexual assault,

and several others. With that being said Jody Kaye slayed this book." —Book Obsessed

"full of heavy emotions... Jody Kaye wrote them with realism & grace...

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! —Amazon Top 1000 reviewer "Somehow, Jody has a way of reaching right down

into your heart and soul, grabbing on, squeezing and doesn't let go." —The Curious Chapter


It’s my word against his, and understanding the risk of someone finding out what happened to me is a hard pill to swallow.

When the pain and loneliness becomes unbearable, I run into the most unlikely person capable of stopping my world from caving in… A decent man, who spent time behind bars.

No one believes Morgan has much to offer anymore, not even him.

But this once? I know better.

Morgan is looking for a fresh start too. I rely on his friendship while learning how to feel safe again. Yet the closer we get, the more I question how often the punishment fits the crime.




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