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It's Release Day— Holding Onto Hope and Home Wrecker are live!

Are you ready for more Trig & Kimber in Holding onto Hope? …And, y’all, Cary from Home Wrecker is going to make your heart go pitter-pat right up until the point that things start to get steamy and it thuds in your chest!

Haven't you waited for these books long enough? Get your binge on now!

Holding Onto Hope


Kimber and I haven’t been able to grow our family and the clock is winding down. My shadier Sweet Caroline’s club dealings with Jake fuel my nightmares and I can’t convince my friend to see the damage he’s inflicting on those around us. At a crossroads between my wants and their needs, I’m realizing sometimes you can’t give the people you love everything. But I’m still going to try.

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Home Wrecker