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Kingsbrier Quintuplets 99pennies SALE!

Get the first three Kingsbrier Quintuplets books in the Kingsbrier Quintuplets Romance Boxed set for 99 cents for a limited time!.

Book #1, Eric

Uncertain if leaving for college might mean losing the one person she’s come to count on, all it takes is a single misstep for Ginny to unravel both of their lives. Now the entire small town is convinced Ginny always intended on cashing in on the notoriety of snagging herself a Kingsbrier Quintuplet and her father will stop at nothing to get his hands on Eric's trust fund!

Book #2, Brier

Call him a hopeless romantic, yet Drew Newhouse still believes he and Brier are meant to be. After all, the feisty blonde is the one who taught him to never back down from a challenge and, this time, Drew's determined on playing for keeps. He knows it will take more than teaming up with Brier’s brothers to convince her to put her heart on the line. However, the last move Drew anticipates is Brier risking her life for love.

Book #3, Daveigh

Contending with the impending loss of a confidant they've both shared, Daveigh hasn’t garnered the courage to reveal to Cris the real reason for coming home to Kingsbrier. She’s always understood true happiness was meant for the other quints. But that doesn’t mean Daveigh hasn’t pondered everything she’d have to give up for a chance at love with the rugged and handsome man who has held her heart since she was a young girl.




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