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Two ALL-New Shattered Hearts of Carolina books coming August 24th!

I can't wait to share another glimpse int o Trig & Kimber's life and introduce you to Holly & Cary. So I've decided to release both books on the same day!

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Holding Onto Hope:

Sometimes you can’t give the people you love everything they want no matter how hard you try. Other times, people need more of you than you’re capable of giving.

I’m at a crossroads between my wants and their needs. Kimber and I haven’t been able to grow our family and the clock is winding down. My friendship with Jake is becoming a nightmare. Convinced everyone has it better than he does, my partner can’t see the damage he’s inflicting on himself and those around him.

Forced to choose, I’m holding onto hope that it’s never too late.


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Home Wrecker:

I’m an unlovable bastard. At least, that’s what I was led to believe.

To help me get my head screwed on straight, I took on a mentor role with the big brother program. Shallow as it sounds, my reasoning revolved around fixing me. So what any nine-year-old got from having me as a role model wasn’t a priority. Then Bhodi reminds me of everything I lost out on during my childhood.

Unlike the adults in my life, I’d planned on doing right by the kid. And not because of the way his mom, Holly’s, tattoo tempts me peeking out over the top of those signature cut-off shorts and disappears where her shirt covers what her bare midriff doesn’t. Or the way the woman—old enough to be my... older sister—looks at me from under those thick lashes.

After an unforeseen chance to spend time alone together, Holly steals my heart. Now, I’m set on winning hers over. I’ll do anything to keep them, including chasing off Bhodi’s old man, who’s looking for a second chance. And it leaves everyone around us wondering who is the real home wrecker.


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