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Would you like to read for free?

Often, I'm asked what the hardest part of being a writer is. Outside of the feeling that I can’t write fast enough for your voracious appetites, it’s finding readers who are open to talking about my books.

I always use the new restaurant analogy to help people understand. Say there’s a great new taco place in town—which by the way there is one in my town. I haven’t been there yet, but I’m excited there’s Mexican food nearby now.—When you go got the taco joint they have the perfect spices and don’t charge extra for guac. Everyone loves guac. This is important, so you tell your bestie who goes there and raves to their friend about the homemade guac and the margaritas. Word of mouth helps the new restaurant become established. All of a sudden, you and your bestie and their friend are enjoying a GNO with tacos and shots of top-shelf tequila.

Writers need that same support to stay in business. While there’s always word of mouth about a new book, most of the recommendations come in the form of reviews. The hitch? Finding readers passionate enough about your stories to write a short review or even just spread the word about upcoming sales and new releases.

I’m looking for any avid romance readers, bloggers, or bookstagrammers who are interested in joining my Street Team.

What’s in it for you? ✓ Access to my books that you may not have read yet. ✓ First opportunities to advanced copies of my newest novels ✓ Sneak peeks at covers and teasers ✓ Exclusive giveaways!



Note the form offers three options to chose from:

  • Review and Promote/Post

  • Review only

  • Promote/Post only (best for Bookstagrammers!)


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