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Yelling “plot twist” and moving on

I started out Monday on overload. My volunteering clashed with my writing and production schedule. Imprint needed file updates to be ready for a Kindle promotion and I owed KDP a copy of Eric for pre-order. Mom's taxi service has me picking up the same child from a different location each evening because the practice field location changes daily. It’s also the week before spring break and two of my kids have birthdays in the next five days.

After commenting that I wanted to stick my head in a vat of ice cream and cry, I knew I was taking on too much but just couldn't stop myself.

You've been there, right?

It got so bad that this happened:

Yup, the first box of my paperbacks came and I was too exhausted to get excited about it. As matter of fact, my sons opened the box and I just stuck it in another room so that it wouldn’t get in the way of making spaghetti since dinner was already late to the table. Seriously, what writer does that? One who has taken on too much to be able to stop an enjoy the moment that’s who.

He said, "Cancel the promo and the pre-order."

I should have listened. Tonight, as I was trying to finish the pre-order I realized that a chapter from another book got accidentally copied into Imprint. Queue slow motion “Noooooo!”

If you are one of the readers that downloaded that file I am sorry. I wanted you to have the best reading experience and I screwed up.

You will be reading and suddenly go, "what?" You'll be the ones who actually review Imprint and comment on the error. You'll be the ones who won't read anything more that I write because what I did was totally unprofessional...And I deserve that as my lesson for taking on too much at once.

I hope that you'll forgive me for being human.

The one thing that I love about writing is that I learn something new every day. I could continue to lay here and kick myself (It's 11pm as I write this —you know, when I should be sleeping so that I don't eff anything up tomorrow like forgetting to go to "parent to lunch" day for my 4th grader’s class at the elementary school) or I can apologize, consider it one more experience to add to my life and find a way to grow from it.

If you are one of the readers who got the terrible, horrible, very bad day version of Imprint and would like the most recent copy you can enable updates on your Kindle device by following the instructions below.

1. Sign into your Amazon account

2. Go to the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page

3. Select "Automatic Book Update" under the Settings tab 4. Select "On" from the dropdown menu

Thanks for reading...and understanding. <3

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