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Does childless by choice belong in a Romance Novel?

There’s been a trend for the past few years of representing all lifestyle choices in romance. I think this is great because readers want to see themselves reflected in our stories. It’s how we relate and connect. It’s what makes storytelling memorable and relevant. And I love that some writers have built niche audiences in gay romance and also with plus-sized heroines who nab the hot as sin hero.

I read what I write—long series—and one of my favorite recurring couples is Wrath and Trinity from Tattered on My Sleeve written by Autumn Jones Lake. They’re childless by choice.

Over the years I’ve come to have hella respect for anyone who decides raising children is not for them. This may surprise you to hear from a mom of three who always wanted three kids. But let’s be honest, raising kids is hard work and a Disney vacation rarely looks a damn thing like a Disney vacation commercial.

So, if someone wants to be “selfish” (I may have just eye rolled myself into an alternate dimension), if they don’t want to take responsibility for caring for any other human other than themselves, I say, "go them!"

Create the happy life you desire! Contribute to our world the way you are supposed to!

But most of all, I want you to know if you decide kids aren't for you, then you are still worthy of being represented in romance books.

That’s why I wrote Bleeding Heart. Because Happily Ever After doesn’t have to include baby bottles and knitted booties. It can also be rum bottles and Jimmy Choos.

After asking some authors for other childless by choice romance, I compiled a list of their suggestions.

Happy Reading!

Childless by choice in Romance books!


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