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Before becoming a writer...

*** this post contains spoilers for Canvas ***

To give you an idea of how scattered my writing is the final chapter for the last of the Kingsbrier books has already been drafted. Canvas was written in the same way. Before anything else, I saw Emily's shoes dancing in the rain, oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t dressed up for a party. I felt Lindsey’s hand grasp onto Emily's as she struggled in that moment with her grief; while trying to keep her child safe and still let Emily hold onto her innocence. My gut churned for Mitch as he attempted to put Lindsey first.

Jason has always been a memory for me. He’s hard to hate because moving through the stages of grief you are reminded of all of the best parts of a person’s life, especially how selflessness, loving, forgiving and kind they were. It is easy to write the perfect guy when he is already dead.

What I didn’t realize was how readers were going to feel about Jason’s death. From the original draft reads on, every single time someone tells me that they fell apart finding out he passes makes my own heart skip a beat. Eliciting that kind of response from a reader is flattering because it is more than I considered being capable of.

Thanks for reading!

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