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It’s Eric’s free week before the Quints leave KU. I should be writing this fantastic blog and promoting it, telling you what a fantastic series you’re missing out on blah, blah, blah… You are. You’re totally missing out on something different in indie-romance. How do I know? Because I’m a reader who is writing the books that I wish more indie authors would consider penning while trying to convince you to take a chance on them. This fall, focusing too much on promotion, I realized that I was totally missing out on my life and the things that brought me joy. {So} here’s my 💫🔥🔥ERIC’s #FREE WEEK🔥🔥💫 blog post. I’m going back to writing Cavanaugh now. It's part of my current life plan for "Joy domination". I’ll also hopefully have something new for you when you’re done binge-reading books 1 thru 3.5. Because Brier, y'all.

Ps. You can Let me know if you download Eric by adding it to your Goodreads.

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