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Download Canvas for FREE! (6/18-22)

Lindsey's falling hard and fast for her best friend's troubled brother. But will putting her heart on the line for Mitch lead to more heartbreak?

Exciting news! Canvas and Imprint have moved to Kindle Unlimited for the summer. For the next 5 days you can download a keeper-copy of Canvas to your favorite ereader. Don't wait!

"As a person that grew up on Cape Cod and enjoyed Greek Life in college, I found this book nostalgic of my own experiences. The characters developed so smoothly that I grew to wish better for them. A book about friendship, love, and loss kept me interested enough to finish the book in one sitting. I'm anxiously awaiting some free time to read Imprint to see what happens next!"

—Jessie's Amazon Review


He motioned to the pad. “You know, you’re really good.”

I wanted to believe him, not because I was fishing for a compliment. No matter who tells me I am talented, there is still a part of me that doesn’t accept it as truth. There is more glory for me in a critique. Tell me what you are really thinking. Tear it apart. Force me to do better next time. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you hate. Being really good just placates me. It’s like hearing that you are pretty. Everyone is pretty. Everyone is good at something. What’s exceptional about my ability? What is it that makes anyone beautiful to you, let alone me? He’d never told me either of those things. I craved knowing what makes my sketches worthwhile in Mitch’s opinion. I’d given up on craving to hear whether he considered me any prettier than any other girl, let alone why.

Canvas ©2016 Jody Kaye

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