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If you like riding the endearing and angsty emotional roller coaster of southern family saga romances, you'll love Jody Kaye's Kingsbrier series.

Ross cant help getting swept up in Rose's schemes. But when she gets herself in over her head will he be the one to rescue her?

The only child of an oil mogul, Rose Kingsbrier should've had it all. That changed the day her momma died, leaving her to live a solitary life in a mansion that was more like a mausoleum. Rose tried for years to get her father's attention, eventually finding it easier to become his source of grief than to live in grief's shadow. Convinced that she's irresponsible, now Rose's father intends to marry her off. But she's not letting him barter her away that easily.

Ross Cavanaugh's construction business is renovating the Kingsbrier mansion and, before the job's even started, he gets swept up in Rose's schemes. She's a hot ticket and easy-going Ross enjoys their budding friendship, until Rose proposes a marriage of convenience to solve her problem and provide Cavanaugh Construction financial backing. Rose may not mind dragging her own reputation through the mud, but Ross has worked too hard to be accused of fortune hunting. When Rose gets herself in over her head, agreeing to her offer may be the only way to save her.

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What can you expect from this prequel? #80sflashback #agegap #classwarfare #marraigeofconvenience

Please note: There is sensitive matter within this story. The characters react to their circumstances based on the time period. Please consider reading reviews or contacting the author if you have questions.


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