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These sisters can't hide from love forever

Welcome back to the Kingsbrier Ranch, where two sisters are about to learn they can’t hide from love… and the bonds of family may be exactly what draws them home to find it! Wild Brier closed off her heart from her secret childhood sweetheart in pursuit of her dreams. But was it her brother’s best friend who really let Brier go instead? Sweet Daveigh set out to prove to her siblings she wasn’t as naive a baby sister as everyone thought. What will it take for Daveigh to believe that the single father managing the Cavanaugh's vineyard has always viewed his boss’s daughter very differently?

This special boxed collection includes three full-length steamy small town romance novels —Brier and Daveigh, along with a BONUS newly revised edition of the coming-of-age book that started the series, Eric. The Kingsbrier Quintuplets are uniquely blended stories of unforgettable characters who you'll grow to know like they are your long lost friends.



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