Double Giveaway

One of the things that my friends laugh at me about is that I cannot stand clutter. I'm a minimalist with "a place for everything and everything in its place" mentality and my kitchen countertops are always tidy. FWIW this does not mean that my house is Clorox clean, although you can eat off the floors in my house. The dogs do it all the time. ;)

So...There are 2 copies of Eric (that are making my skin crawl) sitting in my office, taking up space (reserved for nothing but air) and throwing off the Feng shui of the room that, for my sanity, Need.To.Go. This week, I'm having a Double Giveaway to Win a signed paperback copy of Eric (The Kingsbrier Series #1) with the original cover for YOU and A FRIEND over on my Facebook Fan Page. Head on over for the contest rules and to enter.

Thanks for reading...And keeping my house clean!

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