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Quints Family Tree

There’s a point when you begin any book that trying to keep the characters straight in your head is overwhelming. It happens to me too. Sometimes I have to flip back and forth and finally go “oh, yeah.” {So} I get it when readers say they’re overwhelmed in the first chapter of Eric trying to keep the quints straight. Makes you wonder how Miss Rose managed, huh? I’d had it in my mind to do a family tree for a while now. My own chicken scratched paper of interconnected characters is spoiler city. If you haven’t made it at least to the end of Brier’s book then I hope you’ll forgive that it lists major players through Miss Cavanaugh. Isn’t it pretty?

In the next few week’s I’m hoping to do a who’s who. So check back! Also, if I haven’t said it enough— Thanks to everyone who helped Eric achieve the #1 spot on Amazon’s Free Women’s Sagas for the week of Jan 8. Whether you’re a quints fan who shared the exciting news or a new reader who downloaded, that simple click brought the Quints to thousands of kindles. I appreciate it more than you know!

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