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Holy Moly, I'm a writer?

Monday was blog day. Our schedule was all over the place in January because of the snow days and vacation time. I know I jotted an idea down of something brilliant to say, but it wasn’t in the section of my planner that said “blog ideas”. Oops! Now It's Wednesday.

{So} I tried to come up with a quick idea and was like, “Oh, hey!, you just redid the Canvas & Imprint covers to match the new branding. This reminded me that this week is their 2nd book birthday. It turned into an “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” moment where I started spinning and had to settle myself down (while looking for a cookie). And then I had a big laugh because how did one book become four and then six and now we’re onto number seven?

I read author bios that speak to their love of writing since childhood, typing out words using one finger for each key on an old typewriter. That wasn’t me. As a matter of fact, the first time I saw the question “When did you know you wanted to be a writer?” and realized I needed to come up with an answer it was, “um, last Tuesday?” which was quickly followed by me thinking, H-E-double hockey sticks DID this happen? Scenes have always played through my mind. Sometimes I wrote them down to stop my brain looping them over and over again. None were ever all that interconnected. I couldn’t form a plot to save my life, nor did I want to. This wasn’t a career path I’d dreamed of or the lifelong love of the English language. NINETY percent of what I know about writing I’ve learned in the past three years. By definition writing makes me a writer (kind of the same way that the #puckwudgies make me a mother.) There was never any intent to be the person I am now. The author part happened at some random moment after MJA challenged me to finish a story. Maybe it was when others encouraged me to write the continuation of Mitch & Lindsey’s story in Imprint or when my shaky hand hit the publish button for the Canvas series. Perhaps it was when the quints were born. I just don’t know. It doesn’t make for a very interesting story does it? Except how many of the heroines that you’re reading about are so self-actualized that they know their path and what they’re doing from page one? Not too many. Becoming who you are is a journey. More important than pinpointing the moment when anyone knows what they're to going to become is is choosing to wake up each day and continue on the path that brings them joy.

Who I am now brings me joy and I hope that my books bring a little into your life too.

PS... Happy Valentine's Day!

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