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Colette Cover Reveal

I had a wonderful time designing all of the NEW Kingsbrier covers. This one was tough to keep under wraps. And then of course, in my excitement I plum forgot to post it to the blog!

Two Quick Q&A's

Q: There are 5 Quints. Why is Colette's book number 5 and not Colton's (which is coming!)

A: Series numbering is tough. Amazon doesn't allow for half-numbered books (like Miss Cavanaugh) to be added to the series. They tend to get lost. This was a bigger issue with Cavanaugh as it is a prequel and I can't go back an number them without a whole lot of headaches. I love this book and making Colette book #5 was the easiest way to make sure it got in the hands of readers.

Q: Why if the Kingsbrier series is written in 3rd person is Colette's book is in 1st?

A: Because that's the point of view it came out in and I decided not to fight it. (For those of you who don't know Adam was written in 1st and then re-written in 3rd.)

Synopsis I know how to make a man want. I do it so well that it gained me a stalker. I’m not afraid of him, but of men like him. So living an orderly and private life keeps my anxiety at bay and my family out of the tabloids. Devon shows me how freeing chaos can be. He refuses to accept the face I show the world.

But Devon also holds me at arms length… And when he reveals the darkest places inside of him, I can’t help wondering if he wants me at all.

💜💜Releases February 14th! 💜💜

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