Who’s Who—Colette (book #5)

The following is a list of Kingsbrier characters mentioned in Colette.

**may contain spoilers for anyone who has not read books 1-4 and the prequel. The Quintuplets:

Adam Kingsbrier Cavanaugh — Quint #1. Secretly quit medical school and worked for the government. Now employed by Walsh Security. Engaged to Temple D’Amico. Brier Rose Cavanaugh — Quint #2. Former Sheriff’s Deputy. Founded charity for underprivileged children. Married to Drew Newhouse. Mother Roseanne and Lily Newhouse. Eric Cavanaugh — Quint #3 (identical twin to Colton). Runs Cavanaugh Construction. Married to Ginny Adair. Father of Corey & Cricket Cavanaugh. Daveigh “Davy” Joy Cavanaugh — Quint #4. Veterinarian. Marrying Cris Sanchez. Stepmother of Mateo Sanchez. Colton Cavanaugh — Quint #5 (identical twin to Eric) In the Navy.

Additional Family and Friends:

  • Ross Cavanaugh — the Quint’s father. Married to Rose Kingsbrier. Owns Cavanaugh Construction & Kingsbrier Wineries.

  • Rose Kingsbrier-Cavanaugh — the Quint’s mother. A former wild-child. Heads Kingsbrier Holding company (KBH).

  • Ginny (Adair) Cavanaugh — Designer at Cavanaugh Construction Eric Cavanaugh’s wife. Mother of Corey & Cricket Cavanaugh.

  • Corey Cavanaugh — Eric & Ginny Cavanaugh’s son. Older brother of Cricket Cavanaugh.

  • Cricket Cavanaugh — Eric & Ginny Cavanaugh’s daughter. Younger sister of Corey Cavanaugh.

  • Diana Adair — A librarian. Ginny Cavanaugh’s mother. Keely Adair’s stepmother.

  • Alan Adair — divorced from Diana Adair. Currently serving time. Ginny Cavanaugh’s stepfather. Keely Adair’s father.

  • Keely Adair — Occupational Therapist. Ginny Cavanaugh’s stepsister. Alan Adair’s daughter. Diana Adair’s stepdaughter.

  • Drew Newhouse — Professional football player. Adam Cavanaugh’s childhood best friend. Raised alongside the quints. Married to Brier Cavanaugh. Father of Lily and Roseanne Newhouse. Colette Strand’s older brother.

  • Lily Anne (Andrew) Newhouse — Married to Rodger Newhouse. Drew Newhouse and Colette Strand’s mother. Rose Cavanaugh’s life-long friend.

  • Rodger Newhouse — Married to Lily Anne Newhouse. Rose Cavanaugh’s distant cousin, Drew Newhouse and Colette Strand’s father.

  • Lily & Roseanne Newhouse — Drew Newhouse & Brier Cavanaugh’s twin daughters.

  • Colette (Strand) Newhouse— A model. Founded charity with Brier Cavanaugh. Lily Anne & Rodger Newhouse’s adopted daughter. Drew Newhouse’s younger sister.

  • Devon Walsh — Head of IT at Walsh Security. Phoebe Walsh’s younger brother.

  • Phoebe Walsh — CEO of Walsh Security. Devon Walsh’s older sister.

  • Alcee Bennett — Adam Cavanaugh’s high school friend. Married to Tessa Bennett. Father of Journey Bennett.

  • Contessa “Tessa” (D’Amico) Bennett —Adam Cavanaugh’s high school lab partner. Married to Alcee Bennett. Mother of Journey Bennett. Temple D’Amico’s younger sister.

  • Journey Bennett — Alcee and Tessa Bennett’s daughter.

  • Temple D’Amico — A doctor. Engaged to Adam Cavanaugh. Tessa Bennett’s older sister.

  • Cris Sanchez — Former musician turned songwriter. Kingsbrier’s Ranch & Vineyard Manager. Married to Daveigh Cavanaugh. Father of Mateo and Cruz Sanchez.

  • Mateo Sanchez — Cris Sanchez’s son. Daveigh Cavanaugh’s stepson. Cruz Sanchez’s older brother.

  • Cruz Sanchez — Cris Sanchez and Daveigh Cavanaugh’s son. Mateo Sanchez’s younger brother.

  • Liz Sanchez — Cris Sanchez’s first wife, now deceased.

  • Joe — Sheriff’s Deputy who went to the Academy with Brier Cavanaugh. Now friends with Drew Newhouse.

  • Miss Thandie — Rose Cavanaugh’s assistant at Kingsbrier Holding company.

  • Lacey Tompkins — Brier Cavanaugh’s frenemy. A flight attendant.

  • Benita — Kingsbrier’s cook & housekeeper when Rose Cavanaugh was a child.

  • Eric Kingsbrier — Married to Joy Kingsbrier. Rose Cavanaugh’s father, now deceased.

  • “Miss Joy” Kingsbrier — Married to Eric Kingsbrier. Rose Cavanaugh’s mother, now deceased.

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