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Bleeding Heart is LIVE!

The latest Shattered Hearts of Caroling book features a chance encounter between Sweet Caroline’s broody antihero and Brighton’s town darling as she escapes her wedding! What will an obsessive alpha risk to stay in control in this slow burn, opposites attract romance?

Reader Buzz

Paisley and Jake's story was touching, dark in some ways, raw, and perfectly imperfect as to how they fit each other and why they click.

–Goodreads review

The chemistry was obvious and the sparks plentiful. I thought the cuteness of the story was balanced out really well with heart… this was really a fun read.

–BookBub review

Jake is a little bit of an alphahole, however Paisley gives it back to him and it makes a good combo.

–Goodreads review

Jody’s books are known for deep, raw, intense feels. Bleeding Heart didn’t disappoint. Throw in a runaway bride and fake dating and it’s a recipe for a unputdownable read.

Molly O’Hare, USA Today Bestselling Author


A runaway bride walks into a bar.

No kidding… But I’m pretty sure my friends are trying to pull a fast one on me when Paisley Cooper bursts into Sweet Caroline’s, searching for a place to hide.

Now the local socialite, whose boutique has been right under my nose, is in my sights. And I’m no bleeding heart. So, I con Paisley into posing as my girlfriend by threatening her business.

At first, nobody believes our relationship is real. I mean, why would Paisley abandon her doctor groom at the altar for an irritable strip club owner?

However mismatched, Paisley’s infuriating ability to stand up to me somehow convinces everyone we’re perfect for each other. Whenever we kiss, even I can’t help thinking the same thing, too. Although it’s not like falling in love makes any difference when I already know forever isn’t guaranteed.



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