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The Top 4 Questions for September

What's on everyone's mind since the latest release went live?

#1 Will Byron from Holding Onto Hope get his own book?

I'm seriously loving on this question because it means the readers who asked fell in love with Trig's Army buddy in the few scenes he played a part in during Holding Onto Hope. I do have an idea for Byron—who was Tallulah's dog handler, if you need a memory jog. It sticks with the darker themes in Shattered Hears of Carolina, but is waaay off the charts different than what I've written. So, I've been doing research to see if I can do it justice.


#2 Will there be anymore Trig & Kimber shorts?

I'm not sure. What I can tell you is Trig and Kimber will be in Sloan & Carver's Book Shattered Soul, which is slated for Fall of 2022.


#3 Why can't you write/release faster?

I feel your pain! I have so many stories to share and it always feels as if I'm a step behind. But there are two big factors that go into this.

First, if I don't participate in real life then the well dries up. A lot of the places my characters go in Shattered Hearts are actual places in North Carolina. Even the Mongolian barbecue where Aidy and Morgan have their first date is based on a restaurant here in Raleigh. My family knows if I fall silent while we're off on an adventure I'm probably plotting.

Second—and I hate saying this—it costs real money to publish a book. I love-love-love being able to give y'all a freebie or 99-center to fill up your ereader and entertain your brain. However, if the income/ratings/reviews aren't there just like anyone else, I have to hoard my cash to keep the proverbial lights on.

A lot of writers are now crowd-funding. Honestly, the nicest and easiest thing you could do to help out is tossing up a few stars (or 5, I'm not going to stop you from giving my books great reviews!) at the end of each book to let others know you enjoyed them... and that goes for any book you read, not just mine.


#4 What is the next book/How long do we have to wait?

Love Thy Neighbor is scheduled for release at the beginning of next year. (I don't have an official date, but plan for sometime around January 4, 2022 because that's near when my teen's holiday break ends. And pro-tip for any writers reading this: releasing Holding Onto Hope and Home Wrecker the week my kids went back to school was probably the least stressful launch I've had in years!)

Attention Kingsbrier fans! Love Thy Neighbor is Mateo's story.

What can possibly go wrong when Cris and Daveigh's son agrees to fake a relationship with his mother's awkward office manager? I can't wait for you to find out!




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