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It's Cavanaugh's release day!

I want to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to everyone that's shared teasers, trailers, and excerpts from Cavanaugh. What you may not know is that your voice as a fan is actually the loudest. It surmounts any advertising that I pay for. Other readers learn about books from fans like you. They respect your opinions, and it warms my heart every. single. time. you post about the Quints series and tag me on social media. I appreciate you all so much! Every book I write challenges me in a different way. They allow me to test boundaries of my own skill and touch on themes that I may not have considered writing about. Cavanaugh is no different. Sitting down to write this book, I thought the hardest sell would be that it’s a prequel and readers would have to recall that cell phones weren’t commonplace in the 80s. I hadn’t meant to touch the #metoo movement. That just sort of came out as I was typing. Then I had to remember myself that the characters would react to their circumstance based on where women were in the workplace and viewed in the world in general. Experiences make people. They make characters too. That’s why I love backstory so much and want you to live through the realities this family endures. If you’re a series fan, I hope you enjoy the tidbits foreshadowing the quints that throw in. I couldn’t help myself. Purchase links: iBooks — Amazon (US) —

There's still time to win 1 of 2 $10 Amazon Gift Cards by RSVPing to the Goodreads Event & Giveaway! Bonus scene (This was unavailable in advanced copies)

Oh, one quick last note before you go read: There are new rules (that I won't bore you with) about newsletters. I'd love it if you either re-subscribed or dropped me a quick message to let me know if you want to stay on my mailing list!

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