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Can't You Write Any Faster?

I know, I owe you a book and everyone is starting to wonder where it is and why it’s taking so long. Here's what's been going on with the next story...

  1. I completely psyched myself out for Adam's book over the past 2+ years because of the sibling plot line and have become my own worst enemy.

  2. The romance has changed. In Brier’s book, I touch on Adam’s love life and had every intention of making the female MC an unrequited high school crush. And then Temple showed up on my screen. *Spoiler: that’s basically what happens to Adam too!*

  3. The draft was trashed and revamped 3x this summer through the fall. Then 3/4 of the way through, the characters would only talk in 1st person so I wound up writing it that way and then switching the POV. It added a day of editing to every day I could eek out to write.

  4. Most of you who have read Kingsbrier have an aversion to Adam. He’s an anti-hero. I wrote him this way intentionally (refer to 1).

  5. Temple’s backstory makes her an anti-heroine. I wanted a woman who wasn’t demure. But now I have to make you want to root for these two very flawed characters and see them as each others soulmate.

  6. My goal is to try something new each time I write a book. (For instance, putting the reader in Rose’s shoes when she’s attacked. That was never meant to be gratuitous, and if you bawled through that scene know that I did on every line I edited.) While the themes may draw parallels, if I’m not pushing myself you’re just reading the same book with a different title.

  7. My frustration level with everything above got to me and some super smart other people (including writers) had to talk me off a ledge when Adam and a Temple stopped poking my brain entirely. They’ve given me amazing feedback on alpha chapters that I’ve shared and helped me sort through smaller issues that were becoming big stumbling blocks.

  8. I put aside Adam and between 11/4 and 11/24 wrote a NEW KINGSBRIER short story. Now, I say “short” but in draft form it’s almost as long as Eric, which is considered full-length. I haven’t written this fast since 2016...And somehow I’m still married. 💕 It won’t be released until 2019 because I need to get the final chapters of Adam completed first. I’m so excited about these characters and am truly on a hot tack waiting to share them with you. Its a huge motivator! In the meantime, I need to decide if this short story will launch as is. All of the Kingsbrier books are written in 3rd person, but this one came out of my head in 1st like the Canvas Duet. If you have an opinion one way or another I want to hear it!

🆗 🆒 So now what? The break gave me a chance to brainstorm so that I’m able to dive back into Adam with a clearer head. Those last few chapters are coming together. I’m not willing to stress about them, but am hoping that they’re complete by the beginning of December. Then it’s onto edits. In the meantime, there’s still one more book in the series to be written! Did I miss anything? Let me know 💌

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